Scared of heights? We've been the first ones to capture a virtual ride on a 1,000-foot-high glass slide fixed along the tallest building of LA.

OUE Skyspace LA is California’s tallest open-air observation deck and a prime destination for panoramic, 360-degree views of Los Angeles. Its glass slide, 1,000 feet above ground offered a great testing location to try capturing the (somewhat short) slide with a 360 degree camera.

Click and drag to look around if you’re viewing this on desktop.

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Raphael Faeh

Raphael Faeh

Born into the pre-internet world and raised by globetrotting parents, Raph is a natural traveller and visual storyteller, fascinated about all the wonders of life on our precious pale blue dot. When Raph is not travelling, he takes care about the visual appeal of Interesting Shit, being it on this website, on social media or in the form of the moving image.