They may look like something out of a horror movie, but these ugly bugs are very real and very, very big.

Earth is huge, so it’s to be expected there might be a few scaly critters about that are a little large for mankind’s liking. Maybe it’s because bugs don’t smile, or perhaps it’s the lack of shaggy fur and their inability to sit on command that turns us off. Generally speaking, they just creep us out. The largest insect ever found in modern times, a giant weta discovered in New Zealand three times the size of a mouse, ate entire carrots whole. That’s fine, until you start to picture the carrots as human fingers and then things start to get a little… unsettling. Look on the bright side, though-300 million years ago there was a predatory dragonfly roaming the skies with a 27-inch (68.5 centimeter) wingspan and massive mandibles.


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Jay Moon

Jay Moon is a writer who has turned the wanderlust that found him backpacking around Canada and the U.S. as a young lad into a writing lust that has him embracing the opportunity to cover topics about anything (and everything) he can get his now middle-aged eyes, ears, and hands on.