Pilots N Paws is doing whatever it can to help out stray dogs in shelters across America with a lot of help from a team of 17,000 volunteers. 

America has an estimated 675,000 stray dogs in shelters across the country. Unfortunately, many of these facilities have no choice but to euthanize the majority of the animals that come through their doors due to space constrictions or lack of foster families in their region. In 2008, when a stray Doberman slated to be euthanized in Florida was flown to an adoptive home in South Carolina, the concept of Pilots N Paws was born. Since then, Pilot N Paws’ 5,000 volunteer pilots have flown an average of 15,000 dogs yearly on cross-country trips that average 300 miles (483 kilometers) in the air. The nonprofit organization relies almost entirely on volunteers to complete its rescue missions, and with another 12,000 individuals on the ground Pilots N Paws has helped rescue 150,000 animals from shelter life (and death).

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Jay Moon

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