We're trying not to be dicks about this, but there's a lot of stuff in nature that looks like a penis.

It’s commonly accepted wisdom that the female form is glorious, true beauty and a gorgeous thing to behold. The male form on the other hand…. Well, it’s just not as pretty. Men might be super proud of their nether regions, erecting statues to their beloved leaders that are winking nods toward their members, but when Mother Nature takes control, things in nature that look like a penis aren’t quite as artful. Then again, maybe this is her way of keeping the human animal in line, keeping the battles between the sexes a little more even-handed (considering men think they run the world, whereas we women know we do).

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Amber Healy

Amber Healy has been writing, both personally and professionally, since she nagged her hometown paper to give her an internship in 1996. She's a big believer that the most fascinating stories are hidden under layers of seemingly boring drivel.