A hero can come in many shapes and sizes, but as we like to point out sometimes they can also be covered in fur or feathers.

Canines may have the hard-earned reputation as man’s best friend, but these critters all prove that it’s possible to have more than one besty. In some cases, the animals featured here liked to give one another a hand and in the process remind us homo sapiens that we may think we’re pretty smart, but there’s just some things in life best left to the animal kingdom.



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Raphael Faeh

Raphael Faeh

Born into the pre-internet world and raised by globetrotting parents, Raph is a natural traveller and visual storyteller, fascinated about all the wonders of life on our precious pale blue dot. When Raph is not travelling, he takes care about the visual appeal of Interesting Shit, being it on this website, on social media or in the form of the moving image.