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Contact our editorial staff about the content of an article, video or social media post. We are a group of insanely curious individuals who are inspired by the beautiful world that we live in. The digital world has not been able to digitize all things, and so much of the stories we aim to tell are the ones that are not well known today. The stories we tell blow our minds, and we hope that will blow your mind too.
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Suggest a Story

When you’re supported by interactive and in tune readers as clever as ours, the supply of amazing anecdotes could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Add your story ideas or suggestions to the mix and help keep the good ship Interesting Shit bustling and afloat. Our team will review the submissions and we will add them to our story archive. We want you to be part of the process. So tell us what stories blow your mind.
Become a Distributor

Become a Distributor

Request permission to re-publish Interesting Shit’s editorial content. We are looking to partner with like-minded media brands, we may not cover the same things you cover, but some of our genres might intersect with yours and that is where the magic happens. Read more about our content over here. Get in touch with our distribution guy:
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Other Enquiries

Use this form for general feedback, hints and tips or if you just want to connect and say hi.

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