Author - Peter Schmiedchen

Peter SchmiedchenPeter began telling stories early on in life. Whenever the cookie jar was empty, or when neighborhood windows got smashed, or when dents started appearing in the family car, Peter had a great story. These days, he’s cutting back on the cookies, so his stories tend to be about how history or science and technology are influencing our lives.

Our Team of Storytellers and Video Producers

Steve Hulford

Publisher | Toronto, Ontario

Raphael Faeh

Head of Product | Toronto, Ontario

Peter Schmiedchen

Head of Video | Toronto, Ontario

Robin Mei

Video Storyteller | Toronto, Ontario

Pierre Kochel

Video Storyteller | Toronto, Ontario

Jay Moon

Head Writer | Stratford, Ontario

Amber Healy

Writer | Buffalo, New York

Alex Conde

Writer | Toronto, Ontario

Honeypot Marketing

Waterloo, Ontario

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